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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 2, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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and the second win over the chiefs. and my time is now adopt on the west. >> no, scion. you go. >> thank you for joaning us. >> bill and ally are up next. we start with a fox news alert. we are waiting to hear from the white house for the first time since they hit the deadline for the obama care website to be fixed. >> some vower ares say the site's ills are not cured>> reporter: while the white house declared victory on turning the corner on the website. they say there is back end problems to the site in completing the process through the check out counter and you
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will communicate with the insurance company when you have enrolled and signed up. as they log on to, there is jumbled things and what not that suggest that the site is not ready. you have a larger group of people trying to log on that it is turning the corner and that may explain why outside help advisors like dr. emmanuel seemed to be lowering expectation. >> like goggle and facebook they are constantly improving and this one has a way to go. it is working reasonably well. >> reporter: that so manies to lower the bar a bit on how well it is really working. and republican law makers are not questioning whether the
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website is fixed, but wonder if people will be more frustrated when they so what the premiums will be. >> i don't know how you fix it. i will be honest. i don't know how to fix a program with only one side of the oifl and taking the short cuts to put it in place. >> reporter: today kathleen sebelius wrote, please do not give up and she understands that people are frustrated with the website. in the long run, the experience will be better and better for consumers and they will have more security. >> peter doocy just found this only momentsing on and sent it out to the folks in the fox news
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channel. that is just a jumble mess. >> reporter: peter went through the website and not just listening to the talking points. where you go through the experience as a consumer are, and not as a reporter and administration official, this suggest at this very hour despite the victory lap this weekend, it is not if the quite up to snuff. >> we'll see how jay carney handles this. >> how do we know what is going on with the website. great to see you. >> hi, ally. >> in case you didn't so the website peter got when he tried to log on to, it is a jumble of question marks and mumbo jumbo nonsense.
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he just encountered that today. he did not follow kathleen sebelius' advice to try it on off hours. we'll read to you a portion of what she said. for those who prefer to shop on line. you may want to visit in off- peak hours when there is less traffic, morningses, evenings or woke weeks. >> it is proof positive of not ironed out. and david ph ouffe said it may not be until 2017 for obama care website to be working. maybe that is just a aggressive expectation management. moments before i came on the hour, i tried to log in to
10:05 am i got two clicks in the process before i hit an error message and we are now two days past the administration's self imposed do over dead line, two months since the initial launch in october and three and half years since the enactment of this law and taxpayers have spent billion on a malfunctioning website. >> at some point they will get it featured out. and then it is not a website problem. it is a problem of whether they will hit the enrollment numbers. do we have any idea how many people have been able to sewn up? >> there is a report to today from bloomberg citing anonymous research sources that is 100,000
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people were able to sign up. and the definition that the administration uses for signing up for plans is not fully enrolled. they have counted people who selected it and put it in a shopping cart. and still, if that 100,000 per person number is accurate that is an improvement over october. but horribly short of where the administration needs to be at this point in the process. >> right. >> it is not a question of sheer numbers but is there enough young healthy people in there? these problems are dogging the process setting aside the dropped coverage and sticker shock. >> we'll have to so if they can get sen million by the end of
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march. >> so how did we get to the point? starting on october 1st, when launched and crashed that same day and obama admits there are glitches with the sign up process. and 19 days later the administration announced a tech surge to fix by the end of november and federal contractors blame the administration for the problems you are experiencing. and then more problems on october 31st, website is down and in house testimony from kathleen sebelius it went down. and yesterday, the white house saying the status quo was night and day from october 1st. >> moenl the justices decloined to consider a federal a polls.
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the kristyen school challenged the law on multiple grounds. it requires most health employers to provide insurance for the workers. thi are considering whether they can mount objections to the birth control man det. >> tim cardinal dola n of new york said the church is a long- time supporter of universal health care but the president could lose supporters because of the contraception man date. >> mr. president, you are pushing aside some of the greatest supporters if you cope doing this we'll not be able to be a chore leader. >> the church will not back down
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affecting the conscience and religious convictions of roman catholics. >> we are waiting new details on the deadly train derailment in new york city. there will be an update on the investigation. this after crews recovered a secondidate recorder and hopefully to discover the cause of a deadly passenger accident to hit in the 31 year history. laura has more from the bronx. >> reporter: hi, bill, as you mentioned, the first deadly accident and over 20,000 commuter aresous it every week. osobviously a major mess and disaster. we have brand new video to show you what is happening in the rail yard and crews working through the night and morning
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after righting the toppled rail cards. investigators are continuing to interview passengers and crew members. we heard the engineer is expected to be interviewed today. the ntsb spokes person could not confirm. that there is a signals time and survival factor team and look in every aspect that killed four and injured 60 and several people in critical conditions in the new york hospital. andrew cuomo said the damage is much worse than it looks from the pictures. >> there are three possibilities, a problem with the track or equipment failure or operator error, that the engineer of the train who was a long- time engineer made a mistake, where with human
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beings, that can happen. >> ntsb holding a news conference at 4 o'clock eastern. and we hope to have more information on what is found on the black boxes and speed of the train and what investigators are looking for. this were approximately 150 on board. dozens were injured and now we know the names of those passed on. james lovele who work as an engineer. and donna smith a 54-year-old paralegal with her sister and they were catching a performance. and two other victims 59-year-old james ferrari. and 35-year-oldon quist. i spoke to keylon mcfarrand. he was in one of the cars that broke up. he lost a lot of skin.
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he said the scaping metal haunted him all night and he can still hear it in his head. he takes the line often and if felt loc the train picked up speed as we heard about them coming in the turn. >> we'll wait for that word from new york. laur ingle thank you. some insurance companies are not relying on and how they are going it alone. >> it used to be a home levelled by the explosion that people could hear ten miles away. >> one of the closest town system king. they felt the explosion and heard. it.
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crews recovering i benefited a home killed in a home explosion. here you can see the side the house before the blast and then the blast thereafter. >> i really thought i was going to get sick. i was never so scared. >> the explosion pushed the walls out. >> the woman lived with her husband but he was not home. police think that it was caused by a gas leak. >> we are learning that it insurance companies are looking to get around, suggesting that they do not trust the administration. melissa trance frais, look at her, she's money. >> we love that. >> you are still money. all the way from here. and i thought the website was
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fixed and so why do companies pull it in? >> they are under the gun and they have to get people signed up. they have to verify what you are eligible for and subsidies and married and income last year. and vital stats and what you put on the tax return, insurance companies need to verify that and those forced to do it through the obama website and, are not able to do. that we hear it is not working cleanly. and as time ticks by. insurance companies are looking for our tech people to come in and solve the problem. >> they are in the business to make money. eligibility verikdz. and the phrase you will hear about. that is still not happening, right? >> no, it is enormous. that's how they price the p and get you over the finish line
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and look at the fixes and blue cross blue shield where they hired temporary people to come back and the information was filled incorrectly in the field. and now places like florida and even reports in connecticut, where they are saying, maybe we need to interact with the state's website to it verify the information. and maybe we need to hire an outside vendor to verify the information without relying on the federal website. >> say norred? >> florida, ohio and texas, they have pilot programs where they are trying to figure out nuts and bolts on our own? if you look at it is work nothing the state -- working on the state level.
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on the federal website it is bogged down. insurance companies say time is money. >> that is a fact, and there is another test coming up son. what day do you circle? >> you circle december 21st. and you have to get on and get it done by december 23rd in order to have it up and running by january 1st. and so whatever traffic we are seeing, that is going to get bigger. they say 5000 or 800,000 awe kachlt ebay handled 4 million. and page views on walmart on thanksgiving handled 400 million page views. this is way below what commercial websites are doing and about to have a big push for the end of the year. >> private sector velocity.
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>> you don't have it working for you. >> and see you at 5:00. >> so you at five friday. >> cha chinning. >> and three people shot died. and the home set on four and now there is a nationwide hunt for a handyman who was the prime suspect in the murder. >> and next big thing for the on line shopping. delivery by drone and the question is whether or not you will do that. would you? camerota? >> send us your tweets. they are coming n. >> right down sixth avenue. 1:20 in the afternoon. >> do not order eggs. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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the president delivering remarks about world aids day. and in the south auditorium of the white house right now. you can watch it on fox and it is streaming on our website right now live. here is a perfect store tore for cyber monday. amazon.comcame up with a new plan to keep order ares flying from off of the shelves. they want to ship with drones and delivery to your home or place. testing is under way. we'll have a check of the former director of accident
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investigation. stephen, what do you think of this idea since you were in charge of possible accidents in the skies. >> you know the fa a supports the advances in technology but safety is always first. and so there are a lot of concerns about this sort of things. you need to protect and prevent the collision of the air force. and guard against misuse of these. and i think that i wouldn't, it is not out of the question. >> heria what i am imagining. i am imagining packages from ama one and fedex in the skies and like a hive of bees and so is that how it would look as if it came to pass or do i watch too many episodes of the jetson.
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>> we'll not darken the skies with the drones. it could be one of many uses of unmanned aircraft. and in some country they are doing crop-dusting with them and things like that. and so people, there is also in addition to security there is privacy concerns approximate unmanned ariel vehicles that are doing surveillance or spying on people as well. and this could happen and it might happen slowly. and incrementally and something like. that >> and correct me if i am wrong. the fa a does not allow deliveries like this but considering to changing the rules in 2015. why would they change their rowels? >> they allow the operation of unmanned ariel vehicles but not for commercial purposes. but there are certificates to
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permit the use of unmanned vehicles primarily by public safety and fire and looking for forest fires or border patrol and that sort of thing. commercial use is not allowed now. but congressman date a regulatory skoem for. that >> what altto youed they fly at? >> that's one of the questions. they are supposed to stay below 400 foot. this is landing in your yard and they would be flying, ten mile radduous. they would be flying at low altitudes. >> thank you. >> and they kept it a secret last night. but we want to know if this idea gets off of the ground, what do you need delivered to you in half an hour or less?
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>> what you need and not what you want. >> send me a teat@bill hemmer. >> and me@alisyn camerota. >> a braul in the parking lot. and three people are facing charges of murder. plus iran needs more nuclear plants. and do we need an insurance policy to make sure iran follows through. >> after a wave of bad pr, can am obama care make a good second impression? we'll debate that in fair and balanced. it is okay, it will come back. that happens every day.
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medicare open enrollment. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes.
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buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare time for the check of the headlines. death toll rising to nine after the helicopter crashed in a pub in scott lan. the copter was removed. one man dead and three under custody after an altercation in the parking lot. the man was found unconscious on the pavement. his death is treated as a homicide.
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this crook stole the camera and recorded the get away. the theif captured the camera and here is a look at the flight over australia. >> that is terrific. if you see that sea eagle call the authorities. >> you have been busted. you never get a second chance to make a first impression. it is terrible. there will be wonners no questions about. that but there will be millions of losers. too. >> that's the oklahoma republican john coal to say it is too late for obama care to make a good impression. and here is ja mu green that is
10:34 am
a fox news contributor. >> thank you, alisyn. and thank you la rss, can you make a good second impression? >> i don't think so. >> i don't think so. everyone will remember the crash and burn of the website. the biggest problem as we did forward in the new year people will fine sticker shock. they don't have money to buy the new plan and go bare. and some people are going to get sick and die with serious illness and next fall as we head to the 2014 elections, a lot of people who got grandfathered will get cancelled again and get sticker shock right before the elections and people in small businesses will be cancelled
10:35 am
out. and the employer man date coming back. there is a list of things to go wrong with this? >> jamu, do you see the same sort of pessimistic outlook in terms of obviously 5 million people who got cancellation letters, and do you see more of those in the future f if that happens with the small businesses? >> no, alisyn. it is not about a first imprigz. la rs can agree we have had a time that lost first game of the season and gone on to win the championship. that's what will happen with the affordable. it is more than political issue. it is life or death. before the affordable care act people could not get health insurance. and speaking of dying and you don't have access to health insurance you die. and the affordable care act, for
10:36 am
sure they stumbled out of the gate, but this is not a website. >> a bit more than a stum pel. they have fallen their face and to continue your analogy now in terms of a season and whether or not you can make a come back, david ph louff is suggesting waiting to 2017. >> this program was designed to be implemented by the states and if they run the exchange it is going well. but it is just a fact and may take until 2017 when this president leaves office. you will so the states running and it will rupwell then. >> can you argue whether he is right. >> hang on one second. he is talking about extending the accept four more years. and seven years since the bill
10:37 am
was signed in law. >> he is talking about the republican sheningans. this is the most ineffective congress ever. and their only plan is to sabstage the law when hundred thousand people signed up. it is going to get better. >> oh, darn republicans? >> and what about the people who are crying because they finally have access to health care. we don't want to give it back to. >> let me tell you about the so- called success story. i am in oregon and i lived here a long time. they have a so- called success story that the president brag about. they sent letters out to food stamp recipients. and only a third decideed to sign up. ine when you offer it to them at no cost and no premium and i would guess those who signed up
10:38 am
probably have major medical programs and means that the load on state budget is incredible. and this is not part of the republican revolt and was early in on obama care and it is not working. >> oregon decreased the number of uninsured by ten percent. >> ja mu look at that number. >> i am so tired of the republicans about this. this is about what kind of country we live in. do we want to live in a country where people have access. >> it is not. >> they pick and choose. and cherry pick. >> i got this park. la res. one point. >> 150,000 people cancelled and 50,00060 add to medicare. fewer are insured before obama
10:39 am
detried medicine. >> thank you so much. >> i think creating a sanction's regime that is an insurance policy and creates leverage for us is important. i am personed about the elements of the text that it people haven't focused on. in the tech as the comprehensive solution there is a suggestion what a mutually agreeable with iran. >> it is a feeling that is not mutual and that is why we need a bigger stake to keep iran in line. and now iran saying it needs to build more nuclear power plants and reaching a deal to scale back the nuclear program and in return for easing the sanctions. john bolton is overseas and sir,
10:40 am
thank you for spending part of your trip with us now. what about the insurance policy? >> the sanctions are not an insurance policy. they are a good idea and anything that puts pressure on the regime in terrain is a good idea. they did not slow down the nuclear weapon's program and imposed pain on the middle-class. we are kidding ourselves if we think it will stop the nuclear program. indeed as they talk about increasing the sanctions, companies in europe are signing deals with iran and the sanctions are crumbling bus of this deal. >> did they think they would come out with this request so quickly? >> build more plants. >> they have talked about building more nuclear plants for ten years. if they are building more
10:41 am
nuclear power plants they need more enrichment capabilities. and it is a justification not only to continue in enriching. but to expand. at the height of our leverage. not a single center refuge manteled or is this deal done for six months. . i think in the senate there will be pressure. but every sign from the administration is that they are going to oppose and veto it. and the more they see the dilight in front of them, the greatest the wedge they will drive between the united states and europe.
10:42 am
that is the psychological break through they can make. the iranians turned the corner on safrpgzs and the europeans know it and this is a moment of triumph for iran in the nuclear program. >> we have put tremendous pressure on the iranian economy and that's why they kaem to the table. >> you take the bot off of the neck. we'll speak with you again. thank you. >> and experts predict a big cyber monday today. if you can't get on line don't worry. >> latest effort to give you more time so you can shop for your kids. >> and i will need. it >> and walked into a dppt store. and stepped on the elevator and told the girl the dry goods floor. ♪ when i got off they come up to
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me. what can i do for you?
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time in to check in with gretchen carlsson. >> another key obama care dead line. vice-president biden is in a sia. are dems protecting him for 2016? we'll debate that? and will they say the pledge of allegeiance or not? the city that took heat from veterans who said high school students were too busy to recite it in the school. >> and guy getting cited for disorderly conduct for his story. >> and forget cyber monday. how about a full week of on line discounts. >> it is the latest effort. this after black friday sales dropped to the lowest point in years. here is the ceo of the marketing
10:47 am
group. and author of social med why marketing. great to see you, shamma. >> we understand the whole thanksgiving weekend was underwhelming. sales were down three percent from last year and so what do we expect today? >> today will look good. but we have to look at the entire month. retailers know that consumers are getting sa vvyer. >> how do you define good, shamma? >> it is higher than last year. progress. look at black friday, it was dismal and bleak numbers. if you look at all of november compared to last year it was up by three percent. i think the numbers are pretty good. we are looking at 140 million people looking to spend. >> what are people buying today?
10:48 am
>> a lot of technology. you have tablets and you've got computers and smart phones. that would make up a good chunk of the cyber monday. >> isn't this bleeding into itself a bit? >> ten years ago you might have been able to talk about cyber monday. that it is a legitimate on line shopping day. >> they are looking on line before they go to the stores and vice versa. >> cyber monday used to be a big thing. i can so in the next few years it tapers off. consumers are getting smarter and retailers are getting smart. and amazon is looking at drones delivering things and maybe in the next five years you will get what you order in the hour. a lot of that is changing. >> we learned about that even
10:49 am
a half an hour away. must you go on line today or is that a gimmick? >> there is retailers that are going on all day today. but good deals will be there all week. amazon is doing a deal every ten minutes. if you don't find what you are looking for. don't tis pair. you will get it by the end of the woke. >> if you see the drones making the delivery. tell us about it. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> as if catching a plane was not stressful enough. >> passengers advised to get a tb shot. >> and a math and science and broethalizer and high school's controversy. >> and someone offers you alcohol. i might be alcohol tested and
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at the moment, a nationwide man hunt for a handyman colorado. police accuse him of shooting and killing three family members and setting their home on fire. the suspect, 59-year-old marry maps described as 6 feet tall, 135 pounds, red hair, blue eyes, said to live with the family up until a week before the incident. authorities say they consider maps to be armed and dangerous. southern colorado. a scary situation for passengers aboard a us airways flight from austin, texas, to phoenix, after they were reportedly told that they may have been exposed to tuberculosis. word is emergency personnel cameonboard and announced that a
10:54 am
passenger on board was carrying the disease. the centers for disease control is now in the process of confirming that but said that even if that were the case, the flight was so short that it was unlikely anyone else could have been infected. a high school under scrutiny over a policy requiring students to submit to random alcohol testing. we're on that story live in chicago. the high school is in illinois. garrett, what's the story? >> yeah, bill. aren't just in m and science anymore. there's also the random alcohol test. this is a program that schools all across the country are keeping a close eye on. >> reporter: keeping drinking a secret from your parents just got a little harder for teens at a high school outside chicago. this fall the private catholic school began weekly random alcohol testing for its students. >> this policy is aimed at helping kids say no. and aimed at helping kids who are starting to get into the habit of using alcohol change.
10:55 am
>> reporter: using small hair samples, the simple but extremely accurate test reveal if a student has had anything more than an occasional glass of wine in the past 90 days. a majority of students support the testing. and many who don't even drink say it's helped. >> if you're at, like, a party and someone offers you alcohol, you know, you can say i might be alcohol tested. and that eases so much peer pressure off you. >> reporter: the aclu opposes such testing, though. saying it's an invasion of privacy and overreaching by the school. >> we have a mechanism in society which is designed to control and to punish young people if necessary when they use alcohol or drugs. they're called parents. >> maybe in the public school system, that's a winning argument. but in a catholic school, it's really not. because if you're a community, if you care for each other, then you work together. >> reporter: and while some parents at the school aren't crazy about this policy, some of
10:56 am
them have even left because of it, the school says they have seen an influx of parents applying to the school. specifically because of this alcohol testing policy. >> garrett tenney, sure is interest ing. thank you, out of chicago on that story. >> certainly. all right. it is the moment you've been waiting for. we asked you to tell us what you need delivered in 30 minutes or less by drones. >> some creative, some interesting responses. some of these amazon does not offer for sale.
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okay. here's what you say you need delivered in 30 minutes or less by drone. number one from michelle hawkins. starbucks and diamonds. >> very nice. pizza and vodka. it doesn't say what time of day, though. >> i like that his name is carb
11:00 am
not. those are both carbs, sir. here's one. oh, sure. what could go wrong with drones flying around your head? >> this is gretchen chaarlson, bye. we start with a fox news alert. we're waiting for that all important briefing from white house press secretary jay carney on the obama care website. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." meantime, got a facelift this morning. all part of the fixes they are promising. even as the white house deadline to reboot its website passes. now a former top white house adviser to the president said it could be years before it runs smoothly. >> it may take until 2017 when this president leaves office. you're going to see almost every state in this country running their own exchanges eventually and expandi


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